About Thunder Boerboels

Why "Thunder" Boerboels? The name comes from the deep growl of a boerboel protecting its family. It brings to mind the deep roar of distant thunder. Not snapping jaws or an aggressive lunge, just the unmistakable warning from a boerboel that you better not mess with my family. 

Thunder Boerboels is located in sunny Sarasota, Florida (about an hour south of Tampa). 

At Thunder Boerboels, we are passionate about our dogs. We strongly believe that Boerboels are the ultimate dog! Boerboels are all about protection, but not aggression. They are wonderful family dogs, eager to please, easy to train, and beautifully powerful dogs. 

Thunder Boerboels are not kennel bound dogs. Our dogs are a part of our family and are well socialized. Thunder puppies go home
very used to being held by kids and adults. We live in a very busy home, with a bunch of kids, and family and friends over all of the time and our dogs have no problem with these visitors. However, when something unexpected happens or there is a bump in the night, any intruder would be thoroughly warned to stay clear. 

We feel that our kids are protected while in the yard with the dogs, or even out on a walk with them. Based on the Boerboels strong instinct to protect, I would feel sorry for anyone that tried to mess with our kids when the dogs are around! And yet, these dogs are so gentle with the kids that we are not concerned when they play together. 

I really cannot imagine any better dog! Like I heard one person say, "if you don't get a Boerboel, you might as well just get a goldfish!"



Research and Communication
Before taking on the responsibility of any puppy, especially a large breed (or extra-large breed!), please do plenty of research on the breed, the dogs, and the breeders. As with anything, there can be a lot of negative comments and opinions online (often based on misunderstandings or misconceptions), so try not to let other peoples negative experiences trouble you. Proper communication is usually the best solution for most issues.  It is our goal to completely inform our adoptive families about as much as we can so that they know exactly what to expect from us and their new Thunder puppy.  Even after the puppy goes home, we are only a phone call away to answer questions or provide suggestions.

The Breed
The Boerboel breed is not for everyone, but if you understand how to raise a large breed dog, they can be one of the biggest blessings for you and your family.  We have raised and bred dogs for approximately 15 years, and began our breeding program with Boerboels in 2011 when we discovered this wonderful breed. We have carefully selected our dogs so that we produce quality Boerboels that conform to the breed standards. There also seems to be some differentiation within the goals of various breeders. Some are going for more slender and athletic dogs, and some (like us) prefer the larger heads, more beefy chests, and more powerful appearance. If someone comes up to one of our family members with bad intentions, we want them to quickly change their mind when they see one of our dogs. Our dogs are not aggressive, just intimidating in how they look. To the family they are big gentle teddy bears, but to strangers they seem very much otherwise.  

Thunder Dogs
We are not the average dog breeders... our dogs are also our family pets. They are not caged puppy producers. We do not operate a puppy mill. We do have a few kennels for the practical purpose of separating dogs as needed when they are in heat or to keep them from overwhelming guests because we do have more than your average number of dogs. But our dogs do not spend their lives caged up. We have a desire to improve the breed, not just to mass-produce puppies. Most of the puppies we produce are fawn in color with a black mask.  The fawn coloration can vary quite a bit in shade from pale to almost red. The mask can be large and dark or a less prominent. All of these variations are acceptable according to the breed standards. What people sometimes do not realize is that the color that they are at 8-9 weeks when you get them home may dramatically change (usually darken), so we cannot guarantee color. We also offer brindle boerboels from time to time as we are able to produce them.  

The Thunder Puppy Process
Our puppy process may also be very different from other breeders. We only accept deposits AFTER the puppies are born because we will not promise or sell puppies that do not exist! When we confirm pregnancy with an ultrasound, we make an announcement to stir up interest from the list of people that have requested for us to let them know when we have puppies on the way. When people confirm interest, we ask them to complete a brief information packet to be sure our pups go the best homes. When the puppies are born, we send out formal announcements to the appropriate number of people and start accepting the non-refundable deposits and helping people select a particular puppy based on photos and our evaluation of their personalities. Once this is determined, we will keep in contact with you regularly with pictures and updates! It is a very fun and exciting time for us and the new puppy owners!  Our entire family is very involved with our breeding program and for that reason when you get yours they will be quite used to being handled by adults and children. We believe that this makes a very good foundation for you to keep socializing your puppy once they are home. All puppies go home with a microchip, all of their first shots, and a Florida Health certificate from our veterinarian. Thunder puppies will be registered through NABBA (North American Boerboel Breeders Association). We also have a strong desire to keep up to date with the Thunder dogs. We would like to know how they and their families are doing, how they grow, and how they score at their NABBA evaluations. 

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