Boerboel Information

At Thunder Boerboels, we strongly believe that Boerboels are the ultimate dog! Boerboels are all about protection, but not aggression. They are wonderful family dogs, eager to please, easy to train, and beautifully powerful dogs. Despite their size, Boerboels make great house dogs. Although they obviously need exercise, they do not have a need to expend a ton of pent-up energy like some breeds (like sporting dogs). 

Our home is a very busy place (a bunch of kids and family and friends over all of the time) and these dogs have no problem with visitors. However, when something unexpected happens or there is a bump in the night, any intruder would be thoroughly discouraged from entering into the Boerboel's home space. 

Boerboels have a strong instinct to protect. I am certain that our kids are protected while in the yard with the dogs or out on a walk with them. I would feel sorry for anyone that tried to mess with our kids when the dogs are around! And yet, these dogs are so gentle with the kids that we are not concerned when they play together. 

I really cannot imagine any better dog! Like I heard one person say, "if you don't get a Boerboel, you might as well just get a goldfish!"

Thunder Boerboels exclusively registers through and supports the North American Boerboel Breeders Association (NABBA).  Please see for more information about this organization. 
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