While researching breeders of Boerboels in relatively close proximity to our home, (Savannah GA), I found Thunder Boerboels in March of 2014. I placed a called to the owners and spent close to an hour discussing my situation with my Boerboel Brinks. Christin was kind, patient and understanding of the unique situation we were in and answered every question I asked about the kennel, the Thunder breeding philosophy, and the quality of the dogs in the pack. I was intrigued and started to follow the breeder via social media. What was immediately apparent was the communication the kennel had with all the puppies that were placed. It is indeed a Thunder family. I was able to watch puppies grow and see open communication on just about every subject. I felt confident that when our time came to get a puppy, this would be the place.

Fast forward to the summer of 2015 and I am now living in the Orlando area and my precious Brinks has crossed over the Rainbow bridge. It’s time to again reach out to Thunder Boerboels. I was met once again with open, honest communication. Patient understanding and an enormous knowledge base about the breed. I also was on the receiving end of questions. Good thing I understood. Thunder Boerboels believes in placing their pups in homes so they will be truly a part of a family pack and owners will understand the incredible responsibility that comes with this special breed. After spending months of communication and anticipation, the litter arrived. While it was hard not to want to pick one right away, we deferred to the breeders judgement for the right puppy for our family. Which dog would be a good fit for our lifestyle and personality? Each time a family picked up their pup, it was like a blessed event adding another family to “The Thunder Family”. Here we are and our Thunder’s Righteous Judgement aka “Judge” is 4.5 months old. I share pictures online, with the breeder and other Thunder Family members, I can ask a question about anything and get a great counsel. I have a happy, healthy, active Boerboel that loves his new family and is already a “Velcro Dog”.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism and knowledge of this breeder and the temperament and stability of their pack. It should also be said that once you have a Thunder pup, you find yourself hopelessly addicted and anticipating when you can get another.

Robin C.

My wife and I are avid animal lovers. We have experienced many breeders in our never ending search for the “right one”. Thunder Boerboels of Sarasota is not the “typical breeder”, they are dedicated, honest, genuine, and through. They took the time to “hold our hands” through the entire process and never over promised something they could not deliver.

Even after we brought Thunder Rocco home, they were still available to answer any questions we had and truly cared about the well-being of our family. Their animals are treated better than most people, extremely well mannered, healthy, easily trained and most importantly, they are extremely ADORABLE. They produce dogs that are a true example of the Boerboel breed and bloodline. Our little boy “soon to be big boy” Thunder Rocco, is a dream come true. We are so blessed to have him and Thunder Boerboels in our lives.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Thunder Boerboel family now and for many years to come.

A&D B.
I brought my 1st boerboel home in September 2012 when she was only 8 weeks old. I purchased Juno from a breeder that a co-worker recommended in another state. I immediately fell in love with my Boerboel's sweet personality and intense sense of loyalty toward me and my family. 

I'd joined a Facebook group devoted to the breed about a year ago and this is where I discovered 'Thunder Boerboels'. I noticed numerous posts by group members praising 'Thunder Boerboels'. Each person seemed really happy with the puppy that they'd purchased and would post pictures of their healthy new addition. The puppies were all gorgeous!

In October 2015, I decided it was time to get my Boerboel a playmate. I immediately thought about contacting 'Thunder Boerboels' because I'd seen so much positive feedback over the past year or so. I found their website, did my "internet research" and felt confident that I'd found a respectable Boerboel breeder. I made contact with Christin and could tell that she genuinely cared about her dogs and her breeding program. I explained what I was looking for in my next Boerboel puppy. Christin was very professional and attentive to me every step of the way! The new litter of puppies wouldn't be ready for several weeks so Christin worked very closely with me to keep me updated on my new puppy. I was concerned about shipping my puppy because 'Thunder Boerboels' are located in Sarasota, Florida and I live in Montana. Christin took care of all the shipping details and made the flight arrangements with my puppy's best interest in mind. I was updated and reassured every step of the way. My 8 week old 'Thunder Boerboel' arrived on time, very healthy, and happy to greet me with a cuddle and a kiss! 

I brought Thunder Savannah Sky to meet her new big sister, Juno, and it's been the perfect match. Savannah is now a happy 16 week old puppy that's truly a beloved member of my family. I've stayed in touch with Christin and regularly send her updates like she'd asked me to. She genuinely appreciates hearing how well her 'Thunder' puppies are doing. I've never known a breeder to be so attentive to their customer and take so much pride in the dogs and their breeding program. Because of this, I highly recommend Pete and Christin at 'Thunder Boerboels'. My whole experience from start to finish was stress free and the quality of my puppy exceeded all of my expectations. I'm sure I'll be a return customer someday.

Robin H.

I just wanted to say to anyone considering a Boerboel stop right here this is the place! We purcahsed a puppy from Pete and Christin, we found them by accident when looking for a puppy, instead of accident it was fate. We were a little concerned at first about purchasing a puppy from the other side of country. All we can say is thank you for everything! Pete & Christin handled all the shipping all we had to do was pick him up from the airport. We choose Thunder Boerboels because the dogs are members of their family. The passion and care is evident constantly communicating with us during the whole process. Thunder Boerboels are raised with love and some adorable children. The communication whenever we have questions is always available. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering this amazing breed to get him or her through Thunder Boerboels.

Thank you for everything,
Adam & Jessica S.

We knew we wanted a Boerboel, and there were only a handful of breeders in Florida. Thunder Boerboels stuck out because we loved the look of their dogs. Thunder seemed to really capture the breed standard. Nonetheless, we still emailed all the other breeders to inquire further about any litters that were soon to come. Within 10 minutes, I received a phone call from Christin at Thunder Boerboels and I knew right away that I wanted to follow through. The amount of attention that came from that phone call meant the world to us. It was such a personal touch and we felt like the breeder wanted to know just as much about us as we wanted to know about them and their dogs. Upon finding out that Thunder had a new litter, we decided to “go and look” on our visit to Naples. I don’t know why we thought we could play with puppies without leaving with one! We chose a little girl, whose temperament was PERFECT. She let me handle her, play with her eyes, teeth, feet, put her in a submissive position, etc. At the same time, though, she had quite the personality. We named her Rogue, which we learned was her grandfather’s name as well. She slept soundly on the drive home, and we quickly realized she was a very loud snorer. We get compliments everywhere we go about what a gorgeous dog she is, pointing out her muscle definition and sweet personality. She learned to sit, stay, paw, and come, all in German the first day we brought her home… and we have the videos to prove it! Thunder Boerboels produces highly intelligent, eager to learn, and loyal dogs with character. We haven’t had any serious health issues or growth problems with Rogue, and she has been such a blessing in our lives. We visited the breeder again once Rogue was a year old, and it was so touching to see the connection that her dog mom and dog dad still had for her. It was such a neat experience re-introducing Rogue to all her siblings and family. It’s so hard seeing pictures of the new litter at Thunder and not wanting to drive up there to get us another  Boerboel! I don’t know any breeder who keeps in touch with their puppies as well or as thoroughly as Thunder Boerboels does. We have a Facebook page dedicated to our puppies so that we can communicate with other families and watch our pup’s siblings grow. I love seeing all the similarities and differences between the siblings and half-siblings. I would recommend getting a puppy from Thunder because you don’t only get a quality dog, but a relationship with Christin and Pete, and their family as well. 

Amber M.

She is the BEST puppy/ dog I have ever had!!! Her temperament is wonderful, she lives with 7 cats, 6 other dogs (the smallest being 6lbs) and two year old child. I couldn't ask for a better breeder for this!!!

Thank you Thunder Boerboels!!
Karlene L.

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