Thunder Females


Groot Trek Taonga came to Thunder Boerboels in January 2014 as a 10 week old puppy. She was already 22 pounds at that time. We have wanted a brindle for a while but could not find one that fit well with our breeding lines. Taonga's name means "we are thankful" and we truly are, for her and so many other things! She is very feisty and ready to take on all of the other big dogs. She is a daughter of the Mighty Mason Storm and Groot Trek Riatjie. "We are thankful" to have such a great brindle boerboel that fits so well into our lives and our breeding program! 


THUNDER Nailah is a stunning girl. She is thick and muscular, and as sweet as can be. Very affectionate and eager to please, we are thrilled with this Thunder dog! As the daughter of Nisa and Renegade, we are expecting her to produce gorgeous puppies. At 16 only months old, Nailah scored a 84.0 at the May 2015 NABBA appraisal. 

Next Level Okubonisa ("Nisa") was our first Boerboel and holds a special place in our hearts. She is a strong dog, the daughter of Grasland Moby, and it shows with her size, bone mass, and musculature. She is sweet and great with the kids, but without question, on the ready to defend her family. When the kids are out playing in the yard, she is on guard. her name translates as "one who guards and protects" and she sure does! She is very nurturing when we add a new puppy to the pack, and we know she will make an excellent mother. When bred with Renegade, she should produce the strong puppies we are really looking for! Nisa scored 88.7 at the September 2013 NABBA appraisal.  


Proffers' ZuZu joined our pack in the summer of 2012 as an 8 month old dog and quickly made this her home and charmed our hearts. She is a sweet (as her name translates), but somewhat quirky girl. Affectionate and always right there looking for attention and wanting to please, visitors quickly announce her as their favorite. Anatomically, she is put together very well. She has a topline that is as straight as an arrow and plump hamhocks that would make a boar-hog stare! With her genealogy (daughter of the great Proffers' Rogue), we are expecting her to produce gorgeous puppies. In September 2013, ZuZu scored a 92.4 at the NABBA appraisal. 


Proffers' S'Buanda (a.k.a. "Bu") came to Thunder Boerboels in March 2013 as a 9 week old puppy. She was already 23 pounds at that time. She will be a big and beautiful girl. Her name translates as the command "blessing, multiply!"  She is spunky and rearing to go all the time... or at least until she conks out from all of the playing with the other dogs (and kids). Also a daughter of the great Proffers' Rogue, we are expecting great things in the future from this precious little girl!

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