Thunder Males

Proffers' Renegade is a massively beautiful Boerboel. We are proud to have this big teddy bear in our pack. Renegade is a source of amazement for us and everyone who meets him. Renegade has massive bone, head, and muscle... and a temperament that is so incredible. We call him meek - power, but under control - not dominating, but definitely the top dog. He is a phenomenal all around dog! Walking down the street with this boy sure draws attention! People are amazed by his size and his gentleness. He puts new meaning into the term "stud dog" for sure! Renegade was scored at 88.4 by SABT at only one year old. 

Copperhead Moeketsi has been with us since he was a pup. Born in late June 2012, he is still quite young but showing much promise. He is a gentle and sweet boy, and has a strong instinct to protect his family. "Mellow" is about the best way to describe his personality, but don't take that as if it would be ok to come into the house uninvited. He is solid as a rock, both physically and as a protector. He is developing very well, and at 9 months he weighed in at 120 pounds. His name translates as a command: "Proliferate!"  We are excited to see how much more he develops and how much he will be like his daddy (Copperhead Munyati). So far, so good for sure! Moeketsi scored 89.0 at the September 2013 NABBA appraisal.

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